Staging Your Home to Sell

March 15, 2023
Staging Your Home to Sell


It is crucial to note that not all home buyers possess the ability to envision themselves living in an empty house. In fact, only a mere 10% of them can visualize the potential of a vacant property. For the remaining 90%, it becomes challenging to connect with and develop an emotional attachment to an unfurnished home. Without any frame of reference, it is difficult for some to imagine where they would place their furniture. It is not reasonable to expect everyone to picture something that does not exist, which is why interior designers exist - to help people bring their vision to life.

According to a 2014 Zillow Survey of Real Estate Agents, hiring a professional home stager is the second-best investment a home seller can make when selling their property. This survey highlights the importance of staging a home before putting it on the market.

Staging a home has another significant benefit - it makes your online photos stand out to potential buyers. When you stage a home, you create a warm and inviting atmosphere that attracts buyers' attention. This ambiance is captured in the photographs and can be the difference between a buyer scheduling a viewing or scrolling past your listing.

Consider the image below of an unstaged living and dining room floor plan. Potential buyers may struggle to understand the intended purpose of the space. In fact, 90% of them will not be able to imagine where to put the sofa, TV, dining table, or anything. By staging this space, you provide a frame of reference for buyers, allowing them to see the potential of the home and how they could utilize the space.

A home that is not staged


By giving home buyers that visualization of a beautifully staged home you are giving them that I am home feeling. This way they can picture themselves living there with the bonus of where they can put their furniture.

In Virginia Beach, we sometimes have a home show called “Homearama”. You get to walk through the most beautiful homes. These homes are staged and the “Homearama” is always a huge success. As I walk through them I listen to the other viewers and they are oohing and awing while saying how much they want to live in these homes. They would not get this sort of reaction if they were empty homes. I know this because occasionally I have seen a Homearama home with an empty room in it and I have heard other viewers saying, “We can skip that one. There is nothing to see, it is empty.”

home staged


The Cost of Staging Doesn’t Cost A Dime! In a Home Gain Survey of over 2000 Realtors, it was discovered that the aspects of home staging typically provide a 399% return on investment! Of course, there are upfront costs, but these can be recovered with the sale of the home.

Some of the different ways stagers charge are:

  • There are stagers that buy the furniture and accessories for you. This way you get to take them with you to your next home.
  • There are stagers that rent their furniture and accessories to you for a specified time and sometimes month to month. This cost can vary depending on if the home is vacant or occupied.
  • Finally, some stagers rent furniture to use in your staging from places like Cort Furniture Rental in which they may have you sign the rental agreement directly and then they have you sign an agreement with them to rent their accessories and stage your home.

If it is occupied, sometimes it is possible to use the current furniture with a different layout, some decluttering, and maybe some fresh new accessories added.

Vacant staging is for a home that has nothing in it. Vacant staging costs also vary based on the size of the home and the number of rooms staged.


The average vacant home takes twice as long as an occupied home to sell. Selling investment properties, or moving before your old home has sold can create a hefty financial burden with months of carrying costs and maintenance. You can avoid this potential extra cost by calling a home stager.

The Longer Your Home is on the Market, the Lower the Price Will Be, so STAGE FIRST!

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